Hello my name is Anthony Wagner and I am one of the Founders of EPH320 Distribution Company.  We started this company with empowering people in mind.   Many are referring to the Hemp explosion as the Green Rush similar to the Gold Rush.  Mainly because there is so much money to be made.  This was not the reason we started EPH320.     

We believe that when people are empowered they are able to live their best life.    Whether its our own product, brands we represent, or even our wholesale program we want people to receive a great experience.   That is why we follow the below 5 Core Values.

Our 5 Core Values are :

  • We deliver – quality and reliability in client service is paramount
  • Trust – belief in the strength of the team, and transparency in all interactions
  • Empowerment – embracing diversity and inclusion leads to better outcomes for all
  • Responsibility – accountability for actions
  • Opportunity – promoting the potential to build a better future

We stand with the FDA and support their philosophy below regarding Cannabis.

Science forms the basis for decisions at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is paramount when it comes to making decisions that will impact the health and safety of the American public. We apply this rigorous, science-based approach to matters large and small that come before the Agency — including with respect to products containing cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds, including cannabidiol (CBD).

That is why we as a company will only seek products that meet rigorous standards and lab testing.  We will not represent any brand that does not have 3rd party testing or falsely advertise the value of their product.   We want to earn your trust first then earn your business.    

Thank you for considering our company and giving us a chance to earn your business.

Anthony Wagner – Founding Partner