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There’s a very old principle that still is the foundation of any Go to Market or Business Strategy. That principle is the 4 P’s which stands for Product, Price, Process, and People.   We have the experience to help you develop your own product line of Tincture, Oil, Beauty Product or just about anything your desire.   This will enable you to focus on building your brand, selling direct to consumers and make the income that you want.  

Product Development includes testing each lab formula to ensure stability and aesthetic compliance. We develop formulations based on the following:

  • Custom formulation — customer concept without a prototype
  • Reverse engineering — existing product with a prototype
  • Formulation enhancement

Product Development is a collaborative effort among our clients, formulators and raw material vendors. Our formulators also work within your budget to include ingredients that meet your price range.


Your proprietary brand/private label products will be created with the best ingredients, chemistry, and technologies. Our goal is to develop a long-lasting relationship and would like to welcome you to our family of satisfied customers.  We want to help you create a product that you are proud to put your name on it and go to market.

Frequently Ask Questions

Do you require a deposit?2019-06-11T23:44:14+00:00

Yes, we charge an R&D fee as a deposit. Our fee is determined by the scope of work based on each formulation and the number of products being developed for you. The fee also applies toward raw materials, finished samples for review, and lab time. (Note: shipping samples will be at your cost.) The R&D fees are waived once you are an established customer.

What is your payment policy?2019-06-11T23:43:36+00:00

We require a 50% deposit to initiate the process, and the remaining balance is due prior to final shipment of your products. As we continue to do business together, we can establish a credit line.

What forms of payment does Eph320 Distributors accept? 2019-06-11T23:43:00+00:00

We accept credit cards, checks, cashier’s checks, cash, and wire transfers.

What is the minimum order quantity?2019-06-11T23:41:34+00:00

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is determined based on the specific details of your Product Development Request. Please contact us to obtain and submit a Product Development Request form to provide these details, and we will give you a call to discuss once we have reviewed your form.

How long does it take to formulate samples and approve my order?2019-06-11T23:40:26+00:00

Once the R&D lab fee is paid, our lab will begin formulation. An average project usually takes about 4-6 weeks for the first set of samples to be delivered for your review. The process can take longer if additional sourcing is needed for any new raw materials that we currently don’t stock. It may take several weeks to receive samples from our vendors. After that, most samples will be given within 3 weeks’ time after revisions have been given to us. Once you approve the final version of the formulation, we will provide you a cost based on the agreed version. This cost will include any fees that come from production and filling (i.e. filling cost, shrink wrap, label application, etc.) We can provide more detail of what fees will be applied once you have decided what components your packaging will need and how they will be assembled.

Process Timeline:

  1. An R&D and Manufacturing Agreement must be signed and R&D fee deposit must be received.
  2. You will then receive your first set of samples in about 4-6 weeks.
  3. You’ll review the samples and provide us feedback for approval.
  4. Allure will provide you with a cost estimate for the agreed upon version of the formulation.
  5. You will be guided for appropriate testing prior to production.
How long will it take to manufacture and fill my product once I submit a purchase order (PO)?2019-06-11T23:39:04+00:00

Once you finalize your formulation and submit your purchase order (PO) and deposit, we will enter your PO and begin the production of your formulation. Once all components for manufacturing (packaging, raw materials, etc.) are at our facility, you should expect to receive your first order within 6-8 weeks.

How is pricing determined? 2019-06-11T23:38:25+00:00

Pricing is determined once the formula is approved and finalized. We also provide price breaks at specific quantities.

What types of products are manufactured?2019-06-12T00:06:29+00:00

Tinctures – Full Spectrum, Brand Spectrum, Isolate

Bath & Body – Bubble Bath, Butter, Cleanser, Cream, Gel, Lotions, Mist, Oil, Sanitizer, Liquid Soap, Scrub, Wash

Skin Care – After Shave, Brow Enhancer, Cleanser, Cream, Gel, Lotion, Moisturizer, Oil, Overnight Treatment, Scrubs, Serum, Shaving Cream, Toner

Specialized Platforms – Anti-Aging, Botanical Infused, Innovative, Natural/Organic Ingredients

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